I read somewhere that life is only short because we don’t know how to make the most of our time here.  We waste a lot of it trying to satisfy our desires, rather than living the moment and letting our desires find us.  Sounds profound.  It was actually a homeless woman who I met on a bench outside my local supermarket who told this to me.  She had annoyed me by slurring at me (I wasn’t in the mood as I was rushing home to satisfy my desires!)  “You have some money for me darling, I have no food for my…’ ‘Nope!’

20 minutes later we were deep in a meaningful conversation … “Why don’t the politicians seem to know what the rest of us do?”  “Why do men and women think they’re so different, when it’s only a one chromosome pair that separates us?” ” Why do we eat some animals and make such a fuss about eating others?”  An hour later, and four empty paper tea cups later, we were onto what really matters:  “Is there any point to life at all?”  Monika, homeless with no hope in sight.  Me, lots of desires waiting for me at home and still no hope in sight!  Is life really pointless?  And if I am to await the arrival of my desires then what should I do in the meantime that doesn’t involve satisfying what I think are my desires?  Monika has suggested that we meet up each Saturday night for a bit of company and to see if we can just enjoy going nowhere and waiting… Seems a good idea..   Saturday night is a good night because the ‘end date’ products are put in the bin, out by the butt stop shelter.  She says I’m going to meet some ‘real crazies.’



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